[Icecast] an OS X installer

Dan Stowell danstowell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 22:28:49 UTC 2005

I don't want to pour water on this idea since a nice installer would
be helpful for the "less-techy" (had to climb a pretty steep learning
curve myself...).

But I do want to point out that both "fink" and "darwinports" provide
nice ways to install UNIX software such as icecast onto OS X, and they
magically fulfill the dependencies etc. Are you aware of those? It's
true that they are still primarily command-line tools, so they're
still a little intimidating to people who have never launched the

Personally, I've no idea how to go about creating an OSX installer.
Would it even be able to check and fulfill dependencies? Or would it
simply need to carry all the other libraries along with it?


On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:09:25 -0500, Jaime Magiera
<jaime at experienceproductions.com> wrote:
> Now that I've got the recent build of Icecast running (thanks
> everyone), I'm wondering about an OS X installer. Icecast would be even
> more palatable to the less-techy OSX users if there were an installer
> for the binary. As long as the installer checked for the dependent
> libs, everything would be straight forward.
> Has this been discussed before?
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