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Johannes G. Rietschel jr at barix.com
Sun Mar 13 00:31:18 UTC 2005

Hi there, I just saw this post on the mailing list.

Quite some users in the broadcast industry use our "Instreamer", a 
real-time embedded mp3 encoder. It has an S/PDIF interface (unfortunately 
no AES/EBU) but there are inexpensive converters from AES/EBU to S/PDIF. 
And the Instreamer itself is also considered very inexpensive.


Johannes Rietschel
Barix AG

Joe Mays mays at win.net 
Mon Feb 21 14:13:44 PST 2005 
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to take an AES/EBU digital feed 
and turn it
into an icecast protocol stream for sending to an icecast server? In 
hardware and software suggestions would be helpful, for either unix or 

Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

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