[Icecast] vorbis ogg vs. aac

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Wed Mar 9 03:11:19 UTC 2005

Standard AAC is on a par with Ogg Vorbis in my opinion, but it depends 
what type of encoder you are using as there are several.  The only 
"free" encoder I know of doesn't use all the AAC techniques to provide 
the best sound quality and is worse than OV.

The thread I started the other day was about AACPlus and not AAC. 
AACPlus provides much improved sound quality over standard AAC, and OV 

But based on Monty's comments, he may be (hopefully!) re-directing his 
attention back to Vorbis for a while and OV will eventually regain the 
lead in the sound quality versus bitrate wars.


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Hi folks:

this is my second question at this list and I wanted to mention that 
answers and guides I got from 2 persons last time, I got a quite low 
stream in vorbis ogg, in about 5 minutes after reading what you wrote-
Well after that, I pointed my attention to the so called AAC, and after
tweaking a bit I got my AAC stream up and connected to Icecast serv.
I was a bit dissapointed about AAC, as I thought this was better
encoding/compression than OGG. I alpologise if I express my selv badly 
the technical detail, but the thing is that at low bitrates (lets say
between 20 and 80 kbps) OGG sounds a lot better than AAC.
As I still believe AAC is a really good one, maybe somebody can tell a
little about where or how I can get the best result with it.
(I can hear an anoying sound "behind" the good one, something like
metal/glass chorus at low rates with aac).



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