[Icecast] New User Installation: Questions about live streaming

Flash Love flashl at cox.net
Mon Mar 7 23:49:48 UTC 2005

I recently installed icecast and iceS and all seems to be well. 

I have spent four days trying to understand and use darkice and finally gave 
up. Using darkice configuration:

duration = 0 # do it forever
bufferSecs = 10
device = /dev/dsp
sampleRate = 22050 # 44100 or 22050 or 11025...
bitsPerSample = 16 #16 bit samples
channel = 2 # 1 for mono, 2 means stereo.
bitrateMode = vbr # cbr, abr or vbr...
quality = 0.8
server = localhost
port = 8000
password = password
name = Br
description = This is only a trial
mountPoint = sample96
url =
genre = my own
public = yes

At startup, I can not get pass the message:
DarkIce 0.14 live audio streamer, http://darkice.sourceforge.net
Copyright (c) 2000-2004, Tyrell Hungary, http://tyrell.hu

Using config file: ./darkice.cfg
Using OSS DSP input device: /dev/dsp
17:30:43: encoding
17:30:43: scheduler high priority 99
17:30:43: Using POSIX real-time scheduling, priority 98
17:30:43: BufferedSink, new peak: 0
17:30:43: BufferedSink, remaining: 163840
17:30:43: BufferedSink, new peak: 7
17:30:43: BufferedSink, remaining: 163833
17:30:43: BufferedSink, new peak: 22
17:30:43: BufferedSink, remaining: 163818

DarkIce: LameLibEncoder.cpp:75: lame lib opening underlying sink error [0]

netstat -na|grep 800
tcp        0      0      *                   
tcp        0      0      *                   
tcp        0      0             
tcp        0      0             

I believe that I read somewhere that the "sink error" is a hostname error?? I 
would really like to see it work, but do not know what else to try. From 
here, I attempted to compile and use liveice. It compiles and then complains 
after issuing "make install":
make: ./mkdirs: Command not found
make: *** [installdirs] Error 127

A locate produces no results for mkdirs.

So, I then moved on MuSE, which is running. Now my unanswered question that I 
have posed several times on #icecast irc. I am trying to understand how voice 
is added to the stream. I can hear myself speaking through the speakers on 
the icecast host, but not with a client. What else do I need to configure to 
hear my voice on the client?


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