[Icecast] Socket Error?

Giorgetti Tiago tgiorgetti at yahoo.com.br
Mon Mar 7 22:18:01 UTC 2005

Hi list!!

   I have some problems with ices, cant connect to
   The Error Log :

 [2005-03-07  19:00:08] INFO
playlist-builtin/playlist_read Currently playing
"/Music/mr bungle - a dub.ogg"
[2005-03-07  19:00:08] EROR
stream/ices_instance_stream Failed initial connect to (Socket error: Success)
[2005-03-07  19:00:08] DBUG reencode/reencode_clear
Clearing reencoder
[2005-03-07  19:00:08] DBUG input/input_loop An
instance died, removing it
[2005-03-07  19:00:08] DBUG input/input_flush_queue
Input queue flush requested
[2005-03-07  19:00:08] INFO input/input_loop All
instances removed, shutting down...
[2005-03-07  19:00:08] INFO ices-core/main Shutdown

Why dont connect, in my firewall.. the ports 8022 are
free, but i dont know if is that. ???


Tiago Giorgetti

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