[Icecast] Ices0 v. 0.4 Skip Song

Phillip Neumann bob at sofsis.cl
Sun Mar 6 19:15:07 UTC 2005

Hello all

Ive just discover that ices0 can encode {.ogg,.flac,.mp3}  to mp3 streams!..

the script thing is wonderfull. in my script i have defined


all works greate.

Now, i want be able users to skip the song that is been streamd.
for that,
kill  -s SIGUSR1 IcesPid
works greate

but.. for the songs i have setup a ranking field in a sql database.
When users skip it, it means i should lower the ranking..
how? doing a sql query

is there any change i can execute myscript_skip_function when ices0 
recieved the USR1 signal?

thanks you very much.


Phillip Neumann
phillip at sofsis.cl

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