[Icecast] dropped at change of song and...

Michael LaBash mlabash at babylabash.com
Sat Mar 5 14:55:39 UTC 2005

I'm trying to run Icecast as a service under windows using SC.exe and 
I think that is the cause of the shutting down. There are parameters 
for "start" that aren't explained and not really obvious .... I just 
used the default (=demand)... anyone familiar with sc.exe?

from http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;251192 
about SC.exe


start= boot, system, auto, demand, disabled
Start type for the service. Option values include types used by drivers.
(default = demand)

I'm thinking that demand might mean that the service runs when 
there's demand for it, so if all the players leave, it shuts down 
.... I'm guessing though. I'm going to try the other options to see 
if one orks.


>On Sat, 5 Mar 2005 01:42:34 -0800, Michael LaBash
><mlabash at babylabash.com> wrote:
>>  I'm running Icecast 2.2.0 on a Windows 2000 server. I'm using Winamp
>>  with the SAM encoder plugin to stream an Ogg Vorbis stream (-0.55
>>  quality stereo) from a remote machine. I'm having two problems.
>>  1. The latest Winamp works great. Whamb on OSX works also (but no
>>  Title/Artist info shows up). But on other players (Zinf and Audion
>>  [OS9 and OSX]) it works great for one song. At song change, the
>>  player stops and I have to reopen the url again. Do I have to add
>>  some kind of fallback for in between songs for these other players??
>From what I've heard, OS X player support for vorbis streams is very
>poor. I suspect you're just running into player bugs here.
>>  2. Icecast keeps shutting down after about an hour. If there are no
>>  players connected for a period of time does it shut down? Or if the
>>  YP connection is lost does Icecast shut down?
>No. Icecast should never shut down unless it's explicitly killed.
>There is probably something either on the console where you started it
>(hmm... you're using the windows version. I'm not sure where it
>displays console output, or even if it does), or in the log file,
>saying why it stopped.

Michael LaBash
New Possibilities Design

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