[Icecast] rfc: bring ices-kh60 into mainline asap

Frédéric Brière fbriere at fbriere.net
Thu Mar 3 15:43:00 UTC 2005

On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 09:55:28PM +0100, Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
> the first time i used ices-kh was about a year ago,  and even then it 
> has performed very reliably, for over a week in 24/7 operation.

I heartily concur; I've had Karl's version running 24/7 since last
summer, and aside from one incident in October (where it and icecast
argued over whether it was already broadcasting or not), it's been
running smoothly all the time.  And that's over a connection spanning
13-14 hops across the continent, with the usual stream of network
failures (which brought ices2 2.0 to its knees).

> to speed up the merging, and since there are no regressions in 
> functionality when moving from ices-2.0.1 to ices-kh60, why can't we 
> just push ices-kh60 out as ices-2.1rc ?

Last time I checked, there were changes in the XML syntax which, small
as they were, required slightly rewriting the configuration file.  Is
this no longer the case?  I think most users would expect a minor
version number to be a drop-in replacement.

> as a side note, the whole development process under the xiph umbrella 
> can be very hard to follow for outsiders - in addition to the sheer 

I'll admit it took me a while to figure out that changes in 2.0-kh were
not included in 2.1...

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