[Icecast] Typically, you would...

Geoff Staples geoff at hostricity.com
Wed Jun 29 23:12:34 UTC 2005

If you are streaming a terrestrial radio station, the feed would go to 
an encoder and the encoded stream would be served by Icecast.

You might want to think about how large an audience you plan to serve. 
If it will be large, you probably don't want to serve it to the 
listeners yourself. Instead, you would contract with a stream 
aggregator. You would push your steam to the aggregator or the 
aggregator would pull your stream and then listeners would connect to 
the stream on an Icecast server at the stream aggregator's NOC.

Depending on the cost of your bandwidth, it may even be cheaper to use 
an aggregator instead of streaming yourself.


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