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Eric Robinson eric at wearesp.com
Thu Jun 23 16:50:03 UTC 2005

Jason i think you have misread me
Im not saying that the phpBB system would have spam runing through it
Im saying that on this list serv someone is spaming.
They are not spamming to the list
they are spamming email accounts instead.

I have used phpBB and it works just fine both from
a user and an admin end.
i would prefer it for THIS reason
but there are still reasons i would NOT like to use it.

What part may i ask is the lie?

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That's a complete and total lie.
OOTB (Out of the box) phpBB implements no e-mail munging or otherwise
spam protection.

Just FYI.

Eric Robinson wrote:
> Again  i point out the benefite of a forum in this perticular manner.
> It has become apparent that there is someone on this list serve
>  taking email addresses and sending spam
> (to its individuals and not directly to the list)
> because i created this email addess specifically for this list serve
> It is not listed online anywhere or registered on any webpages.
> But i started getting spam in it just hours after sending my first message
> to the list.
> On a forum this would not happen
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