[Icecast] On the forums

Geoff Staples geoff at radioleft.com
Tue Jun 21 14:58:45 UTC 2005

Here's my summary of what might be a consensus:

We have two mailing lists (developer and user)
We have a forum
We will keep both
Some prefer the forum, some prefer the listserv
Suggestions were maded about using NNTP, IRC, etc., but, I didn't see 
any support for that.
Chestnuts will be copied from the forum into an FAQ as a documentation 
development technique and for easy access to the most useful information.

Now, I have a suggestion:

My concern is having more places to go to look for stuff.
I like the listserv, but, what happens is that I read something today, 
then I can't find it two weeks later when I need it.

So, how about this:
(I know this can be done. Don't know if the feature exists. It might 
even be worth changing bulletin board systems to get it.)

Posts to the lists should be emailed directly to the bbs which will post 
them in  "Developers List Serv" and "Users List Serv" forums. (We use 
the email to a website technique to make it easy for our customers to 
maintain content on certain types of website and it works quite well. 
The software monitors a mail box and publishes everything it receives. 
The security is that it will only publish email received from a 
specified address - on this case, the list serv. )

These two forums will be locked - the only way to post to them or 
comment is by posting to the list servs.

This will mean that all who prefer the listserv can continue to use it. 
And, that the bulletin board will have all of the forum posts in 
searchable form.

Hope this is useful.


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