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Michael Kamleitner michael.kamleitner at
Mon Jun 20 23:12:11 UTC 2005


I tried to build a flash-player a while a got. basically it's not that hard,
flash's actionscript features a sound-object, which is able to connect to
mp3-streams from icecast (note: it's _not_ possible with shoutcast, at least
not with internet-expllorer-clients). for the player itself there are
several tutorials on the web, but basically you need not more than a few
buttons and maybe a volume sliders. here are some useful links: (<- this one especially)

also, icecast 2.2.0 has to be patched slightly - cant find the exact link to
this, maybe one of the developers can explain? I just added 4 lines at the
end of format_mp3_send_headers() in format_mp3.c:

sock_write(client->con->sock, "Cache-Control: no-cache\r\n");
sock_write(client->con->sock, "Pragma: no-cache\r\n");
sock_write(client->con->sock, "Connection: keep-alive\r\n");
sock_write(client->con->sock, "Content-Length: 54000000\r\n");

can't remember why that is need, but it was necessary to get it work ;)

unfortunately there are 2 major downs:

1) the flash-client consumes memory like crazy: for an 128kbit mp3 stream it
takes approx. 60mbyte per hour... whch at least on windows-platforms leads
to unstable machines :( my solution 2 this problem was, to interrupt the
stream once every lets say 30min., start a short jingle on another
soundobject and then reconnect the stream. this basically solves the memory
problem, but sadly theres still...

...2) the flash-player caches all mp3-data somewhere on the filesystem in
the cache-folder. users may grab these files and by renaming them to .mp3
they got nice recordings of the stream (because of legal problems this is an
absolute NO for some projects [like mine :( ] )

if anyone here has some solutions for these problems, I would be more than

however, if both contras dont affect u, u got a nice & cross-platform
streaming client. 
also notice that flash wont play any ogg-streams...

hope that help,


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Is there any flash based players out that can be embedded into a webpage and
stream a icecast feed?

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