[Icecast] mixed live- & playlist-streaming]

Michael Kamleitner michael.kamleitner at play.fm
Mon Jun 20 13:02:10 UTC 2005

>>it would be great if the streamtranscoder could "kick" ezstream off when it
>>begins to send the live-stream...
> Have the ezstream mount as a fallback to the live stream - when the live 
> stream dies it will go back to the ezstream mount and when the live 
> stream comes back it will resume with that mount.

thx a lot, this seems 2 work at least in one direction (when the live-stream dies, the fallback takes in), otherway (live streams comes in again) didnt seem to work...

heres the mount-points in my icecast-conf:



did I use the fallback-override correctly?


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