[Icecast] mixed live- & playlist-streaming

Michael Kamleitner michael.kamleitner at play.fm
Mon Jun 20 11:24:50 UTC 2005

hi everyone,

we're running a webradio-station focussed on electronic music (http://www.play.fm), using icecast 2.2.0 (on SuSe Linux 9). we're broadcasting 4 hours of live-program each day (using streamtranscoder).

what I would like to do is to stream a generated playlist of mp3-files during the rest of t. day (using something like ezstream, which I have currently installed & played around with). the problem is that I dont know any way to do the switch automatically. at the moment I have to kill ezstream manually when the live-show is starting, and start it again afterwards. of course I could use a cronjob to do this, but as the starting- & end-times of the live-shows are not met exactly (sometimes they start with little delay, more often they last longer than planned) this wont work.

it would be great if the streamtranscoder could "kick" ezstream off when it begins to send the live-stream...

I'm thankful for any suggestions,

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