[Icecast] New Web Forum

Iceuse - Kris iceuse at wwlang.net
Sat Jun 18 09:24:40 UTC 2005


> Interesting. I discussed this off line with a couple of folks and 
> offered to host a forum. -- But, not to run it. So, this is great that 
> we know have it and you have stepped up to the plate to run it.

A little remark, in the opposite way... (sorry about that!)

Now, if we search for something about icecast, we will have to scan 
maling list+forum
Now, if we have the habit to glance at the icecast news, questions, ... 
we will have to scan mailing list+forum...
That's double work...

that's what I see from my point of view.
So, It would be good to be able to subscribe to the forum messages and 
receive them by email.

It's easier to scan daily what we received in two or three mailing list, 
then mark everything read and then, the next day, we exactly know what 
to look at.

Best regards,

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