[Icecast] New Web Forum

Geoff Staples geoff at radioleft.com
Sat Jun 18 02:30:04 UTC 2005

Interesting. I discussed this off line with a couple of folks and 
offered to host a forum. -- But, not to run it. So, this is great that 
we know have it and you have stepped up to the plate to run it.

I do have a request / suggestion: I've noticed that many of the boards 
for open source software suffer from a couple of problems and it would 
be great if the Icecast forum could rise above the other forums.

Here are the problems that I see at other boards:

The content is usually so disorganized that it is rather difficult to 
find anything. But, even when you search as best you, there's always the 
jerk who responds with snotty remarks about reading the rules and 
searching before posting. They always point out that there's an 
excellent answer on the board, but, never tell you where it is.

Also, there are the folks who make the assumption that because you asked 
a question, you must know nothing about the topic, so they explain in 
detail things you already know, but never answer the question. The 
problem is that it discourages others who may have useful info from 
posting it.

So, I want to suggest that whoever moderates does not chastise posters 
on the board. Move a post, delete it, ignore it. If necessary, send a 
private message to the offending party - but, try to be courteous 
instead of reaming posters out. I have a lot of experience in a number 
of areas, but, I don't post to a lot of boards simply because I don't 
like the unpleasant environment.

Also, (And this would require some work): It would be really great to 
have a "Good answers" section of the board where particularly useful 
answers to questions are copied by an admin  and not open for posting by 
visitors. The idea is to build up an area of the board with especially 
useful information, both basic and advanced. The reason for copying (not 
moving) the posts is so that you don't break up the thread.

Over time, this "Good Answers" area would become an especially useful 
place to get information.

Anyway, I don't really have any answers - only a few suggestions. But, 
one thing I'm clear about. It would be really great if we could make 
this forum into something more useful and more pleasant than most.


ml wrote:

> Dear List members,
> After some consideration and chats with several members on IRC, I have 
> proposed running a web forum for icecast, an idea which seems to have 
> been received well by everyone so far.
> The forum can be found at http://forum.icecast.org/
> Questions & Answers welcome :-)
> Stephen
> forum: EvilOverlord
> IRC: J_Bullet
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