[Icecast] Relay-only icecast with no encoders.

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Fri Jun 10 08:22:19 UTC 2005

Alexander A. Vlasov wrote:

> I just set up alias like
> alias /
> but after connection and requesting `GET / HTTP/1.0' I receive error
> 404: stream not found. In logs I see
> [4:Connection Handler] Kicking unknown 0 [] [No encoder],
> connected for 7 seconds

First, as has already been said, Icecast 1.x is deprecated and is no longer 
supported.  And for those wanting on-demand relays, this code was just 
commited to SVN so expect it in the next release.

I've got this old manual lying around, and it has the following to say 
which might be helpful:

                  Prior to the 1.3.8 release, the requested stream URL had
                  to match the alias exactly, using the server_name as the
                  host part of the URL. For instance, if you added: alias
                  add /cool http://cool.co:8000/cool, then if a user
                  requested http://your.server.name:8000/cool then it
                  would work fine, but if he requested
                  http://localhost:8000/cool or http://your:8000/cool or
                  perhaps the ip, it wouldn't work at all.
                  Starting with 1.3.8, you can specify the keyword
                  'whatever' as host, and thus match all hosts in the
                  request, like so: alias add http://whatever:8000/cool


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