[Icecast] 3GPP and 3Gpp2 Support

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Wed Jun 8 06:13:28 UTC 2005

Correct.  Although the MP3 support is mainly for playing local files.
As you say, for high quality streams, 128kbps is required, and that's 
pretty tough on most 3G networks. Even 64kbps is pushing it on some.

There are some players that support HTTP/ICY MP3 and ogg streams such as 
Pocket Tunes for Palm and CoreCodec BetaPlayer (soon to be renamed) for 
Windows CE and Smartphones.  CoreCodec BetaPlayer is about to be the most 
powerful players in this class.  Watch this one: a new release soon.

Currently both of these players must be downloaded to the phone by the 
user, as these players currently only support HTTP/ICY streams, which is 
not the standards-based format for 3G devices. RTSP/RTP and AAC/aacPlus is 
the format that is used on most mobile devices "out-of-the-box" to achieve 
high quality at low bit rates. Then there is the issue of mobile networks 
allowing open RTSP/RTP streams, as not all do. HTTP/ICY streams are almost 
always guaranteed to work, but the players usually need to be user 
installed, which is not necessarily for the masses.


At 20:13 2005-06-07, Riddler wrote:
>    In HK some 3G phones(PDA built-in) do support mp3, although mp3 is not 
> good enough for 3G network.
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>>Are there any plans to provide support to stream to cellphones ?
>>If my understanding is correct, this requires 3Gpp, RTP/RTSP support.
>>I see that apple has a stream server for this.
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