[Icecast] How to reach listeners behind corporate firewall

Dave Pascoe davekm3t at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 23:07:31 UTC 2005

> 2. If you run a webserver on the 80 port, you can set up the webserver
> to relay the stream through it. If you use apache, you need something
> like this in your httpd.conf:
> <VirtualHost IP_ADDRESS>
>     ServerName stream.company.com
>     ErrorLog /var/log/apache/stream_error.log
>     CustomLog /var/log/apache/stream_access.log combined
>     ProxyPass /
>     ProxyPassReverse /
> </VirtualHost>
> After this the users can connect to
> http://stream.company.com:80/[stream_path].
> This case in the stream's log all connections come from, but
> the original IP addresses are recorded in the apache's log.

This solution works well, but I wanted to note one thing I discovered
when testing it.  You need to open the URL in the media player for
this to work.  If you hyperlink to, say:


then the client will be redirected to http://icecast-host.company.com:8000/

-Dave Pascoe

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