[Icecast] streaming non-MP3 formats

Bruno Batista cuby at vizzavi.pt
Fri Jul 15 03:30:29 PDT 2005

this is very interesting... even yesterday I was thinking if there's a 
way to stream uncompressed audio...
one of the problems with high compression is delay. for example, when 
you make a radio broadcasting, you cannot easily use a stream to relay 
live programs in remote locations, because the time lag between speech 
and return signal from the rf transmitter drives everyone crazy. for a 
cheap system (without local return), I was thinking about streaming raw 
pcm (.wav) using wireless hotspots for the signal relay...
so... this has practical interest.

ps: usually we use ISDN connection with professional equipment in each 
side of the line, streaming mp3... with delay, but even for one day the 
telecom company charges a minimum 212.02 euros + communications. that sucks!

Yi Liang wrote:

>Hi, I'm working on a project to add more audio formats
>other than MP3 and Ogg that can be streamed by
>Icecast. Yes, I mean streaming those formats, not
>converting them to MP3. These formats I'd like to add
>include PCM (.wav) and ADPCM (.adp). Although they are
>much less advanced codecs compared to MP3, they have a
>valid market for low-power clients.
>I've been working on the source codes, and believe I
>need to write modules analogous to format_mp3.c in
>Icecast, and mp3.c in Libshout.
>Does anyone have suggestions, advice? Anyone
>interested in this project and interested in working
>with me? 
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