[Icecast] building icecast under Windows

Yi Liang yjliang99 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 23:02:20 PDT 2005

Hi Karl,

I've tried to build the projects including icecast,
libshout and easystream under Windows Visual C/C++ 6,
but didn't have the luck. 

For Icecast:
- it cannot find <implement.h>, and I have no idea
where to locate it;
- link error with theora:
theora_static_d.lib(toplevel.obj) : error LNK2019:
unresolved external symbol _theora_encoder_clear
referenced in function _theora_clear

For libshout:
- cannot find <implement.h>
- C compiler doesn't recognize keywork "inline"
- warning on 'va_copy' undefined, though it should be
C's runtime library

For easystream:
- link error with 'va_copy', 'vsnprintf' and etc, due
to the warning in libshout.

I guess some problems may relate to the external
libraries, although I tried my best to download them
and build them. Do you have any already compiled
package, which also includes the must-have libraries,
so that I can just repeat the building process and
make the Win32 build smoothly? 

Thanks a lot.


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