[Icecast] Re: songs on website

Ron Blok ronblok at wxs.nl
Thu Jul 28 17:08:29 PDT 2005


I am looking forward to have a go at your work!
So ..... If your ready I will have a go at it ;-)
Sounds great !!!

Kind regards,


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Hi Folks,

I am sending Jacint an improved version of the scripts which make it much
easier to setup your database and file path settings.  Also a few new
such as custom scheduling algorithms per channel/per show and different ads
per channel/per show.  The web interface is completely themeable per channel
now (different virtual hosts on the same apache server work nicely, or
you can even
have different web and icecast servers for each channel)
In the admin interface the queue manager is much more useful, and I am
90% done with a web interface rewrite to support an arbitrary number
of channels.   There is
a daemon which watches and creates graphs of listeners per channel per
hour and per
day.  It also gives out a greeting via metadata to new listeners, kind
of cool.
You can see the new stuff at spogbiper.com.  Or better, get your own
copy working :)

So I have been working... the code is much cleaner and better documented.
I hope to find some people to start using it to bugtest and help
improve it, especially people who know perl and sql.

I will have extra time this week and weekend, so I can help anyone get
things working
if you are interested to try it.  Let me know and I'll send the code
and what docs we have so far.


On 7/23/05, Balint Jacint <bjacint at kvark.hu> wrote:
> Hi RoN,
> I didn't have time to customize the script last week, but I'll try to
> have some more time next week.
> I think Aaron and I will keep you informed, and maybe he will open up
> the source for all of you after a bit of tidying up. :)
> Yours,
> Jacint
> Ron Blok wrote:
> >Jacint,
> >
> >Could you please keep me updated on your progress, I have tried to get
> >song info on our web page using FTP. But don't like this way!
> >So I am anxious to see and learn!
> >
> >Kind regards RoN
> >
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