WG: [Icecast] icecast source-buffer

Michael Kamleitner michael.kamleitner at play.fm
Wed Jul 27 12:39:02 PDT 2005

> > I'm running an live 128kbit mp3-upstream (icecast v 2.2.0 
> on freebsd) from a
> > site where the internet-connection is rather bad and drops 
> every ~20min for
> > few seconds (I'm using streamtranscoder by the way). my 
> question is if
> > there's any parameter to increase the buffer of the 
> upstreaming-source. the
> > config-file of icecast offers <queue-size>, but this seems 
> to affect only
> > the listeners, not the sources, right?
> I don't know what tolerance streamtranscoder has for stalled 
> links, but
> icecast won't drop a stalled source until the timeout expires (usually
> around 10 secs <source-timeout>).

thx for your quick reply...

I have no idea about streamtranscoders tolerance either (it's config-file
doesnt say anything about it). I also increased the source-timeout already
to 30 sec., without any succes - what's happening is that icecast switches
to the fallback-stream I have defined. 

I thought it might help to increase the upstream-buffer...so, the when my
source is off the net, the outtake can be bridged by icecast, but if I
understand u correctly that's not possible?


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