[Icecast] Re: solution for YP problem

mark burdett mark at indymedia.org
Mon Jul 25 15:55:49 PDT 2005

For 100% reliability I ended up removing dir.xiph.org from my
list of YP directories.  My guess is it was taking too long to
respond to requests, which could be a problem if an icecast
server has a large number of mounts.  But it could be a
problem unique to me (I'd be curious to know if anyone else
has had trouble).

the dir.xiph.org admins might want to make sure the db is well
tuned (e.g. query caching, etc. in my.cnf) so it can perhaps
respond to touches more quickly..


On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 12:50:42 -0700, mark burdett wrote:
> I wanted to let folks know that I had a problem with
> unreliable, and mostly dysfunctional listing of a server's
> mounts on YP directories.  This server has a few dozen mounts. 
> If all the relays and sources were connected, YP wouldn't
> work; if only some were connected, YP would start working.  I
> had to increase the <yp-url-timeout> for all the <yp-url>'s to
> a much larger number, currently at 120 although possibly a
> lower number would work.
> --mark

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