[Icecast] video streaming

Balint Jacint bjacint at kvark.hu
Sun Jul 24 13:19:51 PDT 2005


We're planning to launch a video stream.
We do not have anything yet (no camera, no computer, no software, only a 
Linux server that will do the broadcasting with icecast installed).
Has anyone ever done such a thing? What hardware do you suggest? What 
software can be used (both for Linux and Windows on source side). Can 
Icecast be used for this video streaming purpose (on server side)? If 
yes, what additional packages are needed to be installed (using Debian 
Sarge). Is Theora ready for usage? If this is what you suggest, how does 
it work?
Well I think it's enough of questions for now. :)

Thanks in advance.


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