[Icecast] relaying IceCast from ShoutCast

Fred Black fred at batanga.com
Mon Jul 18 18:51:30 PDT 2005

I've been thinking more about this.  It would be really nice if Icecast
could add a port to a mountpoint and emulate whatever  information Shoutcast
requests when it relays a shoutcast stream.  This way Shoutcast could relay
Icecast streams.




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Shoutcast will relay, but I can't seem to specify the Icecast mountpoint, it
only has options for IP and Port...





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I've never tried myself, I do alot of shoutcast to icecast relays but not
the other way.  I can't even recall if shoutcast will relay or not

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Subject: [Icecast] relaying IceCast from ShoutCast

Has anyone successfully relayed an Icecast stream using Shoutcast?  I
realize that this is backwards!  However, several organizations that want to
use our streams use Shoutcast, I really don't want to setup shoutcast and
Icecast, but unless I can relay an Icecast stream with Shoutcast, I'm going
to have to.


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