[Icecast] Page Views & Icecast logs

chip chiapas at riseup.net
Fri Jul 15 09:55:22 PDT 2005


i've been thinking more about my query below:

chip said:

> looking at the data below i have been asked what the difference is between
> 'Page Views' and 'Visitors' with regard to Icecast logs:
> 	Page 		Hits 		Page views   Visitors 	Size
> 1 	/mph.mp3 	14,542 	34.4 % 	14,542 		7,710 	16.12 G
> 2 	/mph.mp3.m3u 	11,812 	28.0 % 	11,812 		8,805 	1.07 M
> from a Sawmill Manual & FAQ - www.haage-partner.net/download/
> Sawmill/Sawmill7-Documentation.pdf - page views are the numbers of
> 'accesses to HTML pages' and 'page views correspond to hits on pages'.
> from the above i can see that 'Hits' equals 'Page Views' which makes sense
> - what does Icecast log as a Hit or Page View?
> does this mean anything at all in Icecast terms or should i safely ignore
> the number of Page Views?

if a Visitor's connection to a stream dropped but then their client
automatically reconnected would that possibly count as a new Hit and not
increase the number of Visitors?

thanks in advance.


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