[Icecast] Can't get Master/ Server Relay to work

Fred Black fred at batanga.com
Fri Jul 15 07:42:14 PDT 2005

I finally got a relay to work, using the Windows EXE that Oddsock compiled
on 7/13/05.
According to the doc file, there are two ways to relay, the 1st by
specifying a master server and all mount points will be automatically
relayed, and the second way by specifying each relay individually.  I never
could get the 1st method to work, however the second method does.  

Using the 1st method, I never saw anything in the log files on either
server.  By adding "<mount>" entry for the mount point on the master server,
I would then see an entry in the slave's error log that the mount point was
found and then shut down.  The mount point would not show up in the mount
point list.

In addition, the relay is active and works, it does not exhibit the bug
mentioned here: 

"There is a secondary issue, which is now fixed in SVN but not in the win32
exe yet which has just come to light. The relay as defined from a master is
not enabled by default in the slave. You can enable it via the admin
interface (managerelays) of the slave."


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On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 18:40, Fred Black wrote:
> 		 Karl,
> Thanks for the info... I didn't realize (from the docs) that you had 
> to have <mount>s defined on the master for the slave to pick them up.

it probably needs expanding on

> One more question.  Can I use both the Intro option and the Relay option?
> If so do I define <mounts> on the slave and include the into option on 
> the slave?

yes, mount details don't filter from the master, so the slave has to define
them, and that includes the intro option. You can also think of the slave
relay as a listener to the master, and as such is unaware that an intro file
is been used.

The intro file option is a mount option so applies to source client or relay
even if the relay is on-demand.


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