[Icecast] I can listen to a stream locally but not from anywhere else.

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Mon Jan 31 09:23:19 PST 2005

Also don't forget that the full version of WinAmp is required to play 
oggs.  The lite version doesn't support it.  iTunes can play local .ogg 
files but not streams if you download the ogg components from 
qtcomponents.sf.net.  I haven't messed with real player, and I have no 
intention of doing so.


Karl Heyes wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 16:46, Brian Beck wrote:
>>I've got some more information now after running ethereal:
>>Itunes in windows will connect and buffer then stop receiving the stream.
>>Winamp on the same machine will continue accpeting the stream but plays
>>I'm using 128k stereo oggs.
> Itunes doesn't play ogg AFAIK
> winamp 2.9x/5.x can but remember to append the .ogg extension on the
> mountpoint or else it treats it as mp3.
> karl.
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