[Icecast] I can listen to a stream locally but not from anywhere else.

Brian Beck brian at malvernconsulting.com
Mon Jan 31 08:14:31 PST 2005

Hi all,

Icecast 2.2.0, ices 2.0, Fedora Core 3, source install (not rpm).

On the local machine that icecast is running on, everything is fine and I
can play by browsing to localhost or it's address.  Either
bring up the page showing the stream(s) available and clicking on the stream
will start realplayer from mozilla on the FC3 box.  Great.

>From any other machine on the LAN or from remote computers out the VPN or
from elsewhere on the internet, I still see the webpage that shows available
streams (which tells me it is not a port forwarding or firewall problem,
right?) but clicking on the stream seems to do nothing.  I've tried from
multiple windows machines and a mac (no other linux boxes with sound
configured here) and I've tried multiple players on each including real
player, itunes, and winamp (only real and itunes on the mac, obviously).

I have logging set to 4 on both ices and icecast.  I see nothing unusual in
the logs...no errors or warnings.  I do not know if this is an icecast or
ices problem...sorry if this question belongs elsewhere.  I'm stuck.  Any
pointers?  I've gone through my icecast and ices config files over and over
again, trying a couple changes here and there to no avail.  The icecast box
is sitting behind an IPCop firewall with TCP 8000 forwarded from the
external IP.  Clients I've tried inside the firewall behave identical to
those on the outside.

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