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Carsten Henkel carsten at chatlabel.de
Sun Jan 30 22:57:00 PST 2005

Guten Morgen rdude =),

Am Sonntag, 30. Januar 2005 um 19:54 schrieben Sie:

r> I know SAM2 (or rather, SAM3 now) has this functionality built-in:
r> http://spacialaudio.com/

i have sam for our outher stream, it works fine with the request list.
but un this stream, im streaming with ices on the icecast. all that
software runs on te same internet server. there is no windows, only
linux. i have only one server, no workstation.

r> What I found worked the best for me is to have my website output to a file
r> whatever song somebody clicked on. A script would check the file every few
r> seconds, and then execute my media player with the name of the song that was
r> in the file.

i have no mediaplayer, no winamp, no sam etc....

have a lot of thanks to you


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