[Icecast] .mp3 and .ogg streamed both as .ogg

Phillip Neumann bob at sofsis.cl
Sat Jan 22 19:05:10 PST 2005


Im a new icecast user.
Im making an application, that  selects from my collection of mp3s, oggs 
(and flacs) and let them be streamd to icecast2. This takes the input 
from a PostgreSQL table, wich gets modified...

So far, im using ices, wich seems nice, becouse i can use the <script> 
type and it executes my_script to search a file, so ices takes that info 
(i.e. "/dir/my_file.ogg") and streams that file.

It works ok. But only for .ogg files. Im streaming to 

Is it possible to stream there mp3 files?  i.e. How would i transform a 
mp3 to ogg in a streamed way, so i can let my script pipe the mp3 to ogg 
transformation and stream the ogg output to icecast?...

Thanks in advance!


Phillip Neumann
phillip at sofsis.cl

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