[Icecast] automake: Internal Error

jigen jigen at metalabs.org
Mon Jan 24 11:33:38 PST 2005

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From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz <adl at src.lip6.fr>
To: jigen <jigen at metalabs.org>
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Subject: Re: automake: Internal Error
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 16:30:32 +0100

On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 02:32:44PM +0100, jigen wrote:

> automake: unrequested trace `include'

This happens when Autoconf is modified to use BSD m4, as in the BSD ports.

> I'm using automake-1.9.4, autoconf-2.59 and bsd m4.
> I've found this previous post:
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-automake/2004-11/msg00103.html
> but i can't find the patch.

I don't know OpenBSD.  Downloading and installing GNU M4, GNU
Autoconf, and GNU Automake by hand will surely get rid of this.

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