[Icecast] EROR: no DNS

Zenon Panoussis oracle at provocation.net
Sat Jan 22 19:22:49 PST 2005

Michael Smith wrote:

> As you've found out, you do need a lot of stuff on modern systems (you
> didn't say what OS you were using, though) to get a working resolver.

Grumpf. Linking is a fine thing for space economy, but for chroot
I wish everything was static and monolithic and self-contained.

> You should be able to find some info with a web search - just don't
> make it icecast-specific...

That's a very good idea indeed; I was focusing too much on icecast

There should be a chroot package, just like the one Redhat makes for
bind. If I manage to solve this, I might take a shot at packaging the

BTW, the OS is Linux, RHEL3-flavour. I'd assume every *nix has the
same problem though.

Karl Heyes wrote:

> If these modules are loaded after the start of icecast (the default case
> on linux) and more specifically after the chroot then these also have to
> be in the chroot jail as well

Indeed. I'll try the simple things to begin with. If they don't work,
strace might tell me what's missing in the chroot. It amazes me though
that nobody has run into this before.


The best defence against logic is ignorance.

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