[Icecast] ezstream question

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Wed Jan 19 06:50:26 PST 2005

oddsock wrote:

> it's certainly something that can be added, although right now it does not 
> currently do this.  I created ezstream as a "moderately-better" version of 
> the example program that came with libshout.  The intent was to make it a 
> very simple and straightforward application as possible, not as feature-rich 
> as other source clients...although you could argue that I violated that 
> intent by adding the reencoding feature...either way, I'll look into it, but 
> can't promise anything in the near term...

I was actually talking about streamTranscoder, though you might have been 
addressing the original poster's question (I don't know).  Certainly, I 
kinda viewed EZStream as being similar to the original Shout program, with 
anything much more complicated than simple file streaming to be done by 
something else.


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