[Icecast] Several Questions about Ices2 & icecast2

Meister Jaeg0r jaegermeist0r at burgerping.de
Tue Jan 18 03:48:38 PST 2005



i have got a linux debian woody box with icecast2 and ices2 on it. I'm
running a 24/7 stream with a huge playlist on my server, but I've got some
questions about it:


1.	Is it possible, that ices updates Metadata (Artist - Track) to the
icecast Server in playlist mode?
2.	Is there any possibility of controlling ices2 by a webinterface with
functions like nextrack, stop and play, switching live stream and playlist?
3.	Does anybody know a tcl script for eggdrops that can read and put
out icecast2 Stream informations?
4.	Are there any other player which are better for a mixed
Playlist/Live Stream Server ?


Ok, that's all. Thx for your attention! ;)



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