[Icecast] ezstream keeps getting glibc error on song

Brent Davis suminigashi at cox.net
Fri Jan 14 23:58:22 PST 2005

Hello everyone,
    I just setup an mp3 streaming server on an old laptop I had laying 
around using icecast and ezstream. The problem I am having is that when 
ezstream gets to a certain song in a playlist I get the error "*** glibc 
detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x080576e0 ***". I'm not 
sure if it is doing this because of  the song number it is or if it is a 
problem with ezstream. I do know, however, that the mp3 plays fine when 
using xmms, winamp, and anything else. I'm going to try and remove the 
song from the playlist and see what happens then, but if anyone else 
knows what the problem maybe I would appreciate your help.

- Thanks
- Suminigashi

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