[Icecast] A few more ezstream questions

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Fri Jan 14 11:58:32 PST 2005

I know you guys are tired of me asking questions.  I promise it will 
slow down soon.  But I have a few more questions about ezstream.

1.  How can I redirect the ezstream output to a file?  Every time I give 
ezstream a pipe or redirection of the command line, it doesn't output 
anything at all?  I've had ezstream 0.1.2 shut down on me after several 
hours and I was hoping to retrieve an error message or something so I 
could track it down.

2.  I'm only using ezstream to repeat a 30s backup message over and 
over, but I'm doing it with 6 different formats.  Starting apparently 
with ezstream 0.1.3, ezstream preforms a metadata update through the 
admin interface.  First, I don't quite understand why it's doing this, 
since it's not going to change, but more importantly, I'd like to know 
how I can disable it.  It certainly isn't necessary for me repeating the 
same clip over and over again, and it just clutters my icecast logs with 
12 extra lines per minute.  Is there something I can easily change in 
the code to turn off this behavior?  I'd go back to 0.1.2, but as 
previously mentioned it quits after a while, and I'm still trying to 
find a solution to that.

And once again, I'd really recommend putting a note on the ezstream 
website that it requires the latest daily build of libshout to compile.

Thanks again.  And I promise I'll eventually answer more questions than 
I ask on this list.


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