[Icecast] ices 0.4 can't find playlists...

Jonas Nyrén spectral at ludd.ltu.se
Thu Jan 13 21:06:20 PST 2005

Chris Woodfield wrote:

> Hello,
> I've compiled and successfully run icecast2 with ices on a single 
> stream. But I'm running into problems running multiple streams from 
> ices to icecast...
> I used the <playlist>...</playlist> syntax to run a single stream, but 
> the docs on icecast.org seem to suggest using the <input>...</input> 
> syntax instead. I've actually tried it both ways, with similar 
> results: ices reports "Could not find a valid playlist file." and exits.

This (<input> element) is for ices2 and not ices0.4 which you are using. 
To have multiple streams of the same playlist you should have multiple 
<stream> ... </stream> elements in the config. One for each stream you 
want to send.

> Here's both versions of my config...both of these are inside the 
> <Stream>...</Stream> tags, and I've verified that the paths to the 
> playlist.txt files are valid. If I use the same <Playlist> tags at the 
> top of the file (outside the <stream> tags) and only configure one 
> stream, it works. Can someone let me know what I'm going wrong?
Yes, the <playlist> element should be outside the <stream> element. As I 
said above you only need to have multiple <stream> elements.. (since you 
are streaming the same playlist in each "instance").

Hope this solves your problem.


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