[Icecast]client connections seems high

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Thu Jan 13 16:11:08 PST 2005

Michael Smith wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 13:19:08 -0500, Joel Ebel <jbebel at ncsu.edu> wrote:
>>I asked this questions before, but I think it got lost/ignored in all
>>the traffic.  So I'm asking it again.
>>Why would my clients number always be 113 larger than my number of
>>listeners?  It was right earlier today, but when I restarted the sources
>>it increased by 113, and it has stayed that high since then.  I find it
>>especially odd since I have clients set to 100 in icecast.xml, and this
>>constantly exceeds it.
>>Where does this number come from, and what does it mean if it isn't the
>>sum of the clients for each stream?  I know it should include static
>>content as well, but I don't have 113 clients constantly downloading
>>static content.  And why is it allowed to exceed my max clients anyway?
>>I actually asked another question too, but I think I'll ask one at a
>>time this time so it's more likely to get noticed.
> That's very strange. I've never seen that behaviour. Perhaps you could
> give some more detailed explanations of how you've got things set up?
> At a minimum:
>   - icecast version (and what platform you're running it on)
Icecast 2.2.0 running on Slackware Linux 10.0

>   - icecast config file (with passwords blanked out, of course)
Config file is attached

>   - description of _precisely_ what figure you're looking at that's
> 113 off, and where you found that number.
I've attached a stats.xml which I got from my icecast server as I was 
typing this email.  At the top you see "<clients>131</clients>"  Under 
the sources below there is a <listener> value for each.  The non-zero 
values of these are 3, 4, 1, 2, and 8.  The sum of which is 18.  131 - 
18 = 113.  Every time I look at this, the listeners is different, but 
their sum is always 113 less than the value of <clients>.  When I first 
started the server, this wasn't true.  The sum of the <listeners> was 
equal to <clients>.  At some point it changed.  In any case, as you can 
see in my icecast.xml, <clients> is set to 100, so I feel like the 
<clents> is stats.xml shouldn't exceed it, but it does.

>   - description of what sources you have connected, etc.
I have 12 sources connected.  6 man streams using darkice, and 6 backup 
streams using ezstream set up as fallbacks with overrides.  half the 
streams are ogg, half are mp3.  For each there is a low, medium, and 
high quality stream.  I have the potential for one more high quality 
stream set up in the config.  That's for a backup studio to transmitter 
link, but that's not currently in service.

If there's any more information I can provide that would be helpful, I'd 
be more than happy to do so.  I can probably restart this server and get 
it back to normal, but I don't really want to disconnect all my listers, 
and I would like to track down the source of the inconsistency.

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