[Icecast] ezstream reencode

Carsten Henkel carsten at chatlabel.de
Thu Jan 13 07:53:55 PST 2005

Guten Tag oddsock,

Am Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2005 um 15:57 schrieben Sie:

>>i want to reencode our ezstream. but it dosent work. mdplay and lame
>>are installed on the server. the config for ezstream is in the bottom
>>of this mail. i dont understand the problem. have you any ieda ?

o> if you are hoping to get any kind of decent response you really need to
o> elaborate on what you mean by "doesn't work".  The more specific and
o> detailed you can be, the better a response you will get....

ok, sorry. i want to reencode the stream to 64 kbit 44,1 khz stereo
wiht ezastream. but ezstream is streaming the full quality of the mp3 file. the songs
are in a playlist. ezstream play the songs without problems. only the
reencoding is not runnig.
itŽs a linux server, suse 9.1
lame 3.96.1
madplay 0.15.2b
ezstream 0.2.0

if i call in a directory who are the mp3 files standing "lame -h -b 64
*.mp3" lame will reencode this to new mp3 files. but i think, lame
isnŽt working with ezstream.

what for inforamtion you need to ?


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