[Icecast] Recomendations

Ron Blok ronblok at wxs.nl
Wed Jan 12 14:42:25 PST 2005

Dear Icecast community,

For several weeks I am running two IceCast2 streams.
I am very pleased with the stability and performance of the Icecast
Thumbs-up for the developers of this great piece of software!!

The sources (live audio) are generated with two separated liveice-sn04 and
streams to the remote Icecast servers.
So far so good!
Frequently one of the sources stops to stream .... no relation to the
internet connectivity or other obvious reasons.
In order not to lose the listeners I am planning to configure the Icecast
servers with a fallback mount.
This fallback mount should be generated on the Icecast servers itself in
order to make it undependable of the feeding sources.
The remote source will play a file or several files with an announcement
that the broadcast is interrupted etc ... over and over. In this way there
will always be an audio stream even during maintenance of the stream

Done some reading how to set-up such a scheme and I believe I do understand
how to configure the Icast servers for fallback and the override feature.

Now here comes where I need your advice...
Since the whole thing is depending on the availability of the /backup
source, generated on the Icecast server itself I am looking for a robust mp3
and/or oogvorbis stream feeder that plays 24/7 the announcement file ....
Checked the several recommended applications like Ices and so one ... but
not sure which one to use.
Knowing that the stream sources is giving me such a bad time I would like
your recommendation which stream application you recommend in this set-up
and or if you have any other recommendations how to proceed.

Thanks in advance

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