[Icecast] Question about live and playlist

LeBoUc Bob assadetptn.assadetptn at neuf.fr
Sun Jan 9 15:01:22 PST 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm a french user of icecast2 on a distant serveur.
I have 1 stream running on the serveur (with ices) that play random mp3 and when i want to do a live i connect my PC (winamp+oddcastv3) to the icecast and then i have 2 stream on the icecast serveur. The question is "How can i replace the first stream (playlist) by my live stream, and when i've finished the live, the playlist hang on and the listeners don't see anything".

I want to do that because actually i have to move all the listeners manually from the first stream to the live. And when a new listener conect i have to move it to. It's not usefull.

Thx if u can help me.


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