[Icecast] Disable Burst-on-Connect

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Jan 3 05:32:08 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-03 at 05:01, Greg J. Ogonowski wrote:
> Thanks Karl-
> Setting the burst-size to 0 does indeed disable Burst-on-Connect.
> FYI:  I have verified that disabling Burst-on-Connect allows VLC Player to 
> play Icecast2 streams.

The burst only affects the listener, vlc should not have an issue with
this but I have noticed that vlc has resampling kicking in midstream,
but that isn't icecast specific.

> What is the purpose of <burst-on-connect>, if <burst-size> overrides and 
> actually enables/disables?

burst-on-connect was an option that was used originally in trunk (pre
2.1) for this sort of thing, but was only a enabled/disabled option. It
was left in and made to select 64k or 0 for burst-size, for people who
had used that option before the release came out.  It could be dropped
now, as burst-size is more flexible and can be used per mount.


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