[Icecast] Help! I have a question about configuration of icecast and oddcast

Richman richman789 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 13:55:20 PST 2005

if your behind a router and ppl are going to be connecting to your pc
from outside your network your going to have to forward the port that
icecast is using to the ip of the computer with the music on, this
will then allow ppl to access that computer using that port, all other
methods of access with be blocked.

To find out how to do this refer to your routers manual :) it should
have all the information you need on getting the port opened.

On the other hand if you have ppl witin the network who wish to conect
to the pc on the same network then by default i belive the router will
allow ips on your network to talk to eachother. As said above for more
information on these topics refer to your routers manual.

I hope this has helped. But if i have gone off the scale and you need
something explaining please dont be afraid to ask ;)


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