Re: [Icecast] don´t lose the listners at dj changing

Mike Whitaker mike at
Sun Jan 2 04:50:57 PST 2005

> the use of <fallback-mount> and fallback-override> in the <mount>
> section is what you need for this.  If the fallback stream is connected
> and is of the same format then the clients will be moved to it, and 
> from
> it (if override is set).
> make sure the fallback stream is connected because if it is not then
> clients would have to be dropped.  Without your xml config it's hard to
> be more specific.

A potential gotcha I just discovered: iTunes is slightly confusing as 
regards its MP3 encoding bitrates: if you encode in mono, you need to 
specify the 'Stereo Encoding Bitrate" as TWICE the mono bitrate you 
want! Our mono theme music has been running at 8kbs rather than the 
16kbps I thought it was, which is why OUR fallback stream has been 
dropping every time our live feed connects.

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