[Icecast] Re: [Vorbis] AACplus

Graham Mitchell graham at grahammitchell.com
Sun Feb 27 15:26:56 PST 2005

>> I have hundreds of Vorbis files (ripped from my own CDs) which are
>> resampled to 22,050 Hz (using sox) and then encoded into Vorbis (1.0) at
>> quality 0. They average 41.5 kbps, and are quite listenable.  You won't be
>> mistaking them for the original CD audio anytime soon, but I've heard 128
>> kbit mp3s from p2p networks that do sound worse.
>> (I do this so I can fit 12+ hours of music on my 256 MB portable music
>> player.)
> Which player did you get? I have a iRiver iFP-890, but it only plays 
> oggs that are more than 96kbps.

I'm playing them on a Sony Clie with AeroPlayer (which works on any Palm 5
class PDA and many others).  It was $350, not counting the memory sticks, but
works great (and has other features besides just music, of course).

Graham Mitchell - computer science teacher, Leander High School

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