[Icecast] Re: [Vorbis] AACplus

Graham Mitchell graham at grahammitchell.com
Fri Feb 25 14:47:45 PST 2005

> Roberto's 32k rate listening test didn't show Vorbis in a good 
> light...  I doubt a 48k test would be much different.

I have hundreds of Vorbis files (ripped from my own CDs) which are resampled
to 22,050 Hz (using sox) and then encoded into Vorbis (1.0) at quality 0. 
They average 41.5 kbps, and are quite listenable.  You won't be mistaking them
for the original CD audio anytime soon, but I've heard 128 kbit mp3s from p2p
networks that do sound worse.

(I do this so I can fit 12+ hours of music on my 256 MB portable music player.)

Of course, I haven't heard AACplus (or even AAC), since I use Linux
exclusively at home, though I'm sure it sounds good, too.  Xiph.org probably
doesn't have a monopoly on gifted developers.

Graham Mitchell - computer science teacher, Leander High School

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