[Icecast] New to icecast2, few questions

Dan Stowell danstowell at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 02:10:25 PST 2005

> >>>>>> 1, Quicktime is always buffering... never plays, anyone seen this and if
> >>>>>> so know of a solution?
> >>>>>
> >>>>> not sure, make sure that quicktime handles the stream format you're
> >>>>> sending it.
> The stream is mounted as /starfish .. served as starfish.m3u
> (http://www.winkingstarfish.com:8000/starfish.m3u is the exact url)

You know, you're right. And in fact the same happens with my MP3
stream via M3U in Quicktime, which I seem to have overlooked...
particularly odd since iTunes handles it perfectly...


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