[Icecast] AES/EBU Feed

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Feb 21 15:21:45 PST 2005

> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to take an AES/EBU digital feed and turn it
> into an icecast protocol stream for sending to an icecast server? In particular
> hardware and software suggestions would be helpful, for either unix or windows.
> Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

You might be able to accomplish this using a SGI Octane, they feature
AES/BEU and lightpipe inputs. The problem is Icecast might not know how to
handle the input of an IRIX host. The good news is that good documentation
exists as far as interfacing to IRIX. The workstations can be had cheap,
the OS might be a little bit harder to find if the box doesn't come with
it. You can use GCC From freeware.sgi.com, or MipsPro which requires a
license ($$$$).

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